With CHAOS, CONFUSION, ANGST & FEAR…Just Another Day on Campus,  Dr. Don will engage students in an entirely new take on parents, professors, grades, classes, careers, friends, cheating, testing, studying, partying, diversity…and an assortment of other rigorously random remarks on issues important to students.  We’re fairly certain you haven’t heard the story told quite like this before.  Perfect for incoming students and equally valuable as a reality check along the way to graduation, students will be better equipped to adapt to campus life, manage the chaos and get the most out of the college experience on their way to the afterlife.


The message is clear – for today’s college student there’s just a lot going on. Every experience and every aspect of life on campus competes for a student’s time and attention.  It can be chaotic and confusing.  It can create angst and fear.  It can affect a student’s level of academic success and it can detract from an overall positive university experience. The chaos is natural, it should be expected and it can all be managed.

Culled from the experiences of hundreds of student advisees over a 10 year teaching career and literally thousands of hours of counseling and advising students on both an academic and personal level, Dr. Don will share an honest account of the challenges students will encounter on campus and offer some perspective on how to manage them effectively.


As a two-term member of the University Faculty Senate, he is intimately familiar with the workings of a university, its mission, its economics, its politics, its public face and its private thoughts.  In a 21st century university where education is as much a product as it is an opportunity, finding the common ground for an enriching and useful academic experience can be difficult. Dr. Don will share what he knows about how universities and students are both at odds and in concert.

With more than 20 years of experience as a businessman and entrepreneur working all over the world, Dr. Don is also familiar with the kind of preparations required for the after life. He’ll offer what he knows, what many of his colleagues have shared and what students need to know, about maximizing an education, earning a spot and competing for success in the marketplace.

As an Excellence In Teaching Award winner, Dr. Don will present CHAOS, CONFUSION, ANGST & FEAR in an honest, entertaining, memorable and meaningful way.