My Personal Performance Guarantee

I believe value is important.  I believe that people who claim to have an important message should actually deliver one.  I believe that I should deliver the message I promise.  I believe that it should be valuable, timely, memorable, entertaining and useful to every student in the room. I believe that my value and my cost to you should be calculated accordingly.  That’s my Personal Performance Guarantee.  If I don’t deliver, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s how my Personal Performance Guarantee works. After my presentation we’ll distribute a simple, straightforward evaluation. You can select a group of questions tailored to your audience. Questions focus on aspects of my presentation and its value on a simple scale of 1 to 10.  Your final cost is based on my performance.  For example, if my presentation averaged 7 of 10, then you’ll be charged 70% of our original negotiated fee.  If I performed at a 10% level or less, you won’t be charged anything. 

I would love the opportunity to share what I know about creating a balanced, successful...and enjoyable college experience. I'm confident I can offer valuable perspective, and I'm willing to stand behind that confidence. That's my Personal Performance Guarantee.

Don Mogavero, Ph.D.