Designed Specifically For Your Students

Text Box: Insert a photo of a university campus with students in itChaos, Confusion, Angst & Fear covers a lot of ground in discussing issues important to students. However, it doesn’t always cover the same ground for the same student body. Each presentation, choice of topics, approach and emphasis are designed with your student body and campus issues in mind. This helps narrow the field a bit and create a sharper focus for a wide- ranging presentation and will help your students relate more directly to the message.

When Dr. Don accepts an invitation to speak at your school, it’s always with the understanding that whenever possible, representatives of both the administration and students will be available to talk about the program in advance. By making campus contacts and discussion an integral part of the pre-planning, Don can learn more about the school, its physical, cultural, academic and social environment as well as any issues important for discussion.

Armed with that information, Chaos, Confusion, Angst & Fear is, in effect, redesigned for your students. The fundamental messages remain the same, but examples and nuance may change to make those messages more appropriate and give them greater personal resonance.
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